Energy Glass Added Security

Additional Makeups — Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

Our FBH Makeup has been certified compliant by the Department of the Army, Wilfred Baker Engineering, Underwriter Laboratories and HP White Labs.

Scope Of Testing

  • Fire Test of window assemblies-UL9: Test assembly (52"x101") consisting of 1/8" aluminum, steel and 9/16" thick FBH glass.
  • Fire endurance test: (1 hour duration to 1700° Fahrenheit). A standard time temperature curve for control of test was utilized. Thermo couplers and radiometers measured test heat exposure.
  • Hose stream test: Immediately following the fire endurance test the fire exposed side of the assembly was subjected to the impact, erosion, and cooling effects of the hose stream. The hose stream was delivered through a 2 1/2" hose discharging through a national standard clay pipe of corresponding size equipped with a 1 1/8" discharge tip of the standard taper smooth bore pattern. The distance from the test assembly was twenty feet.


The FBH assembly is certified as compliant by Underwriter Laboratories.