About EnergyGlass — What is Energy Glass?

ENERGYGLASS™ is the only Optically Clear Building Integrated Photovoltaic Window System in the World.

ENERGYGLASS™ is a patented Optically Clear Vertical Building Photovoltaic Window System that produces continuous Energy from Sunlight, Diffused, Ambient Light and Ground Reflectance and the only 100% FIELD of VISION in the world. The entire surface of the windows is clear – No grids, dots or lines! This proprietary Inorganic Nano Technology and Solar Collector does not degrade from IR like typical solar cells, do.

ENERGYGLASS™ produces 1-2 watts per sq. ft. per hour for 10-12 hours during the day and 3-4 watts at peak dependent on location, size, orientation, thickness and formula. Energy generated can be inverted back to the grid, battery back up or direct to DC equipment! This means a Feed-In-Tariff opportunity could be available, thus generating revenue from your windows and/or reducing your building’s energy consumption.

It's truly that simple but often the simplest concepts when new are often imponderable at first. But a building owner in Atlanta can do just that, by retrofitting their building with ENERGYGLASS™ and the US Federal government may pay 30% of the glass, labor, frames, installation and staging! Plus, they will be taking advantage of the local FEED In Tariff of .17 cents per KWH, an ongoing revenue stream from the windows of the building.

ENERGYGLASS™ is a breakthrough in Energy Generation coupled with a Capital Improvement item that every building has to have - WINDOWS - the Fenestration component of every building now not only can generate energy but as a Vertical Solar Farm is eligible from anywhere 10-15 different Federal grants, Tax credits, subsidies, incentives and LEED Points that can reduce your investment, energy consumption, and generate an on going new stream of revenue!

The Installation of EnergyGlass™ is exceedingly field friendly and is similar in nature to installation of normal laminated glass. EnergyGlass™ can incorporate many types of different glass and makeups inclusive of tints, Low E, insulated, SAFGLAS IR film, reflective, glass ceramic and most other types and makeups.

ENERGYGLASS™ uses inorganic nano particles that are co-infused in a polycarbonate interlayer, which is then laminated between two lites of 1/4" inch glass. The nano particles redirect components of the light spectrum to the edge of the glass while letting most of the spectrum through. The light that reaches the edge of the glass is collected and sent to our patented edge frame collectors. Because our edge collectors are at the edge of our glass and actually fit inside of the photovoltaic curtain wall framing system, they are protected and do not suffer degradation from IR as typical solar cell installations do.

LED direct connection to EnergyGlass