About EnergyGlass — Disaster resistant electrical producing glass

Fire Resistant Electrical Producing glass

FBH a single source product in the world, (Fire Bomb Hurricane) makeup has been certified compliant by the Department of the Army, Wilfred Baker Engineering, Underwriter Laboratories. The FBH assembly is certified as compliant by Underwriter Laboratories.

Bomb Blast Electrical Producing Glass (Shock Tube Test)

Bomb bast glass has been tested by Wilfred Baker Engineering in conjunction with the US Department of the Army. Under the applied load the glass and the window defended against bomb blasts and were graded with a Low Hazard Classification.

Bomb Blast Electrical producing Glass (Arena)

SAF-GLAS Arena blast tested at the Quantico Marine Base in conjunction with the US Department of the Army and Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Bullet Resistant Electrical Producing Glass

Threats range from 22-caliber handguns to a rifle chambered for 30-06 ammunition. Bullet resistant glass which is compliant with the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ 0108.01, Underwriters Laboratories Standard.

Forced Entry Electrical Producing Glass

EnergyGlass can be fabricated to resist any physical assault or intentional impact by increasing the thickness of its proprietary interlayer and make-ups.

Hurricane and Tornado Electrical Producing Glass

SAF-GLAS products consist of a variety of laminates that have passed large missile impact hurricane and cyclic wind pressure tests up to F5.

Quality Certifications and Standards

[ASTM D 638], [ASTM D 2843], [ASTM D 1929], [ASTM D 1925], [ASTM D 1003], [ASTM C 1036], [ASTM D 1044], [ASTMD 696], [ASTM C 177], [ASTM C 1048],[ASTM F 1233], [ASTM E 330], [ASTM E 2190], [ASTM C 1674], [ASTM 891].[GANA PGC 03-0809], [GANA PGC 01-0707], [GANA PGC 02-0509], [GANA TD 02-0409], [GANA LD 07-0809], [GANA TD 02-0402], [GANA LD 06-1107], [GANA LD 02-0509], [GSA Level “D” 1, 4,6, 10 PSI],[USA DOS 7.62 / 39MM 5,15,60], [UL-972], [UL-752], [UL-9], [UL 746 B],[PPG T ® (275-2125R)], [CHRYSLER ® (E892 300-2500)], [SAE T ® (E892 300-215T][ISO 9050 (280-380T)], SAE UV (300-400T)], [AUTO UV (300-400T)], [W4J ® (E891 300 1045)], [ISO 11341], [ISO 527], [ISO 62], [ISO 2039/1],[ISO 178], [ISO 75/BE], [ISO 306], [NOVA 78786], [MDCQAG12.5], [AAMA TIRA7][AAMA TIR A1], [ AAMA WDMA/CSA 101], [EN1063], [EN 5096], [NIJ 0101.06],[DIN 52290 4], [BS 5544], [BOCA 92-15], [ICBO 3286], [FEMA 361], [NIJ 0108.01][SBCCI 9418], [CPSC 16], [SBCCI SSTD12], [HP WHITE TP-0500.02], [SOCOM AR1][MDC 0108-092-1], [WMFL CLASS 1-8].