Proprietary laminate windows collect, store energy; convert it to electricity

RIVIERA BEACH, FL – An innovative new patented technology transforms office buildings into “vertical solar farms” and allows these structures to reuse collected energy and become self-sufficient in the event of a power outage or return electricity to the main electrical grid and generate income.

EnergyGlass (, manufactured in Riviera Beach, FL, is the first product that is truly optically clear photovoltaic glass that may be installed in a vertical or horizontal position and creates electricity,” according to one of the company ‘s founders Art Marino.

“Other major companies have attempted, but have fell short, to develop what we believe to be the best sustainable building integrated energy product on the market today,” said Marino.

Each window consists of two glass lites with a patented solar laminate sandwiched between them, creating one laminated solar pane. The result is aesthetically pleasing windows that provide consistency in appearance while collecting energy. These panels, installed in a building facade, have the ability to collect energy from direct sunlight, ambient light, and artificial light then converting the light collected into electricity.

EnergyGlass windows have the same appearance as conventional architectural products and can be customized to meet the size, thermal performance and security value requirements of any building.

“Basically, we have invented a clear laminate glass that harnesses light and converts it to electricity,” added Marino. “Simply explained, the nano-particles co-extruded in the laminate magnify and redirect the light to the edges of the glass, where electricity is produced and then stored through battery and power management technology.

A major advantage of this product is that it collects both direct sunlight and ambient light, as opposed to traditional solar panels that are only effective when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, solar panels may detract from the aesthetics of a building and are also subject to damage and may be rendered ineffective from the elements.

“This is an extremely effective technology that is gaining the attention of building owners throughout the world.” According to Marino, EnergyGlass is optically clear, electrical producing and is accessible to numerous government rebates, incentives and subsidies that can cover up to 50 percent of total facade project costs. Globally, solvent Governments are offering attractive incentives for solar technology projects and we have broadened our horizon to include these Countries..

“Other Industry products are not optically clear and have grid lines or mesh that are visible from both the interior and exterior of the building,” said Marino. “The visual acuity of EnergyGlass, along with its ability to produce electricity, are major selling points for building owners seeking to become more energy self-sufficient.”

With additional laminating procedures, EnergyGlass can be certified to meet hurricane, typhoon, tornado, forced entry, bomb blast, bullet and fire protection levels. It can also be tinted, insulated and can incorporate Low E glass and other such products to create additional energy savings.